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I am happy to share some information about sangola my home town. Sangola is situated in Maharashtra of district Solapur. Its 30 km form Pandharpur (Pandharpur is the city of god Vitthal).
Sangola is municipal town. The Municipality was established at sangola in the year 1855-56. I heard its second oldest Municipal town in Maharashtra .
“Sangola Taluka Sahakri sut Girni” is also famous, but main resources of earning are Pomegranate production। The real name of city is saha ingole ( ingole is sur name ).
People are very devotee the town has Ambika Devi temple In the temple of the goddess Ambika Devi every year a fair is held in honour of the goddess in Magha (January-February)

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Sarang said...

Sangola is a cool town with less water but warm in atmosphere. This town is surrounded with a good Pomegranate & barriers gardens. Sangola exports these Pomegranate & barriers to different countries and different parts of India. The most famous fruit is “Kashi Bore ani Dalimbe”.
There is an Ambika Devi temple and having a fair(jatra) in the month of January at the occasion of Ratha-Saptmi. This town is located on the Solapur-Kolhapur highway.

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Very basic but good information about sangola....

Thanks for letting us know what is Saha Ingole...

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